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High Performance Impact Windows

Impact Windows - Oahu

For your own safety and protection, building codes in coastal areas now strictly regulate materials and product performance for use in residential properties. To meet or exceed these codes, Window World's High-Impact Performance windows are built to exacting specifications and put to the test, ensuring fortitude in even the toughest conditions.

  • Windows survive impact of 9 lb. wood 2x4 projected from a cannon at 50 ft/sec and subsequent positive and negative pressure application.
  • Tested for superior air and water infiltration resistance, proving performance during inclement weather.
  • Available with ENERGY STAR qualifying insulating glass units.
  • Reinforcing at interlock bolsters strength and security of window.
  • Fortified with fusion-welded corners and durable vinyl made of premium raw materials.
  • Built to withstand the extreme heat and humidity common to coastal regions, passing heat resistance test with exposure to 300° F temperatures without blistering or cracking.
  • Network of strategic insulating air chambers reduces conduction for lower energy costs.
  • Beautiful styling means no sacrifice in aesthetics for performance.
  • Extruded screens allow for easy ventilation while keeping bugs and outside debris from entering the home.
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